Do you struggle to get the color in your art to look 'right'?

Then this class is for you. Even the most simple drawings can look incredible with the right colors. This class is a fun, practical exploration of color theory. You'll learn: 

  • how to shade with color
  • how to make your colors 'pop' and direct people's eyes
  • how to fix your colors when they don't feel like they're working
  • the 5 most common color stumbling blocks
  • how to pair colors together beautifully
  • how to choose evocative colors, to emphasize the mood you're trying to create
  • the important things you need to know about color in the real world, when you're printing and scanning

Student Reviews

Kymmie J

Totally exceeded my expectations! I've watched a lot of color theory tutorials and this is by far the best and most accurate I've ever watched. Very helpful specially the "squint" part Lol! Thank you for making this tutorial it really helps a lot!

Kelley Bren Burke

Such a helpful class! I've watched a number of ... classes on color theory, and this was my favorite. The time flew by when I was watching it. Thanks, Brooke!

Sierra X

Learnt some new conceptions in less than one hour and applied them in my work immediately. Thanks!


Excellent class! Brooke enthusiastically shares everything you need to know about color/color theory in this class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts! :)

Linda Ellison

I found this class quite enlightening. I learned a lot. I will be revisiting this class often.

Beth Christo

I loved the class. I have been working on Procreate for a while and always struggled with color. This class helped me clarify some things a lot. Thank you!

Meet the Teacher


Brooke Glaser

Hi, I’m Brooke Glaser! I’m an illustrator making cute art for companies. My art is used for children’s products, greeting cards, magazines, and more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Color Theory

    • Hue

    • Saturation

    • Value/Brightness

    • Fix Your Color: 5 Common Color Mistakes

    • Shading with Color

    • Color Temperature

    • Mood, Emotion, & Implied Meaning

    • Make Your Colors Pop and Direct People's Eyes

    • Color Harmonies: Recipes for Good Color Palettes

    • Creating Your OWN Color Palettes

    • That's Not the Color You Think It Is

    • Printing & Scanning: Color in the Real World

Create Better Color

Level up your art making


  • How long will I have access to the class?

    There is no expiration on your access to the materials. You'll have unlimited access to the class, to refer back to whenever you need!

  • When does class start and finish?

    Whenever you want! The video lessons are available for you to watch (and rewatch) at your own pace, on your own schedule.

  • Is this class for digital or traditional art?

    Color Theory applies to both digital AND traditional art. There'll be some demonstrations using digital art, but the lessons will apply to both mediums. This class teaches how to pair colors together, but it does NOT teach how to mix watercolors or physical paints.